How to Find the Perfect Hotel for Your Holiday

14 February 2017
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Choosing the right hotel for your getaway can make or break a holiday. But, with so many options available, the search for the right hotel can quickly become overwhelming. At popular holiday locations, the number of hotels available can be vast and, when faced with so many potential choices, sifting through the options to find the right hotel for your holiday can be daunting. There are many different parameters to help narrow down your choice of hotel, but covering these basics provides a very simple way to refine your search and find the ideal hotel for your holiday.

Make a List

It can be easy to visualise a dream holiday, but putting pen to paper and making a list of everything you are looking for from the hotel you choose can solidify these wants and make the final decision on your hotel stay easier. The best way to do this is to divide a piece of paper into three columns with the headings 'Must-have', 'Would-like' and 'Added bonus'. Then consider your ideal holiday location and assign each element of the stay to a column.

For example, 'swimming pool' may come under the 'must-have' category, whilst 'near to the beach' could fall under the 'would-like' heading. Performing this task prior to your search will enable you to narrow your focus specifically to those hotels that meet your most pressing requirements.

Pick a Location

When searching for a holiday, one often has a preferred location—be it a specific area of a country or a certain town. But, even when searching within these parameters, there can seem like an impossible number of hotels to sift through to find the right one for you. To narrow your search further, consider not only the general area in which the hotel is situated, but also how close it is to the amenities you will be looking to use whilst on your holiday.

For example, if you intend to spend every day at the beach, be sure to search specifically for hotels that are near to the coast rather than one that requires a car journey to reach the beach. By using an online map service, it is possible to see all of the hotels available within any given area, such as those within one mile of the beach; this function is well worth using to ensure your hotel is located in a spot that is suitable for your requirements.

Use Your Network

Many people now have an extended social network available to them through social media. Using the 'hive mind' of these networks is a great way to find a hotel that meet your needs. A simple post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram can result in genuine suggestions of hotels for your holiday, and the wonderful thing about these suggestions is that they come from people you trust.

Read Reviews 

When looking at reviews for any business or service online, it is always worth bearing in mind that people are far more likely to leave a review following a bad experience than after a good—or even an average—encounter. However, even with this in mind, reviews of hotels can offer a broad range of opinions on your potential destinations and are a reasonable way to narrow down your final shortlist.