Key Ways to Improve Your Accommodation Services

26 July 2019
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If you offer hotel or lodging accommodation services, you should strive to improve your guests' comfort and make sure you don't fall short of their expectations. Guests are the people who make or destroy your hotel's or lodge's reputation. If a guest has a terrible stay, he or she leaves a negative comment online that is read by potential customers. If asked to recommend a good lodging or hotel, yours would not be an option.

Be the Guest

The first thing you need to do is put yourself in your guests' shoes. If you were a guest in a hotel, what would you want? What do you think could make your stay comfortable and memorable? The answers to these questions should be what you implement first. You should not have a shortage of things like clean water and food. Always make preparations to avoid delays and hire polite, understanding and friendly employees who can handle guests professionally in case of a problem. Cleanliness should also be a priority. No one wants to stay in a dirty or smelly place.

Internet Connection

If you do not have an internet connection, you are failing your guests. Everyone lives and works online nowadays. Let it always be on to cater for the different times your guests would like to go online. Get a reliable internet service provider because nothing is as annoying as a slow internet connection or prolonged downtime.


Communication is a vital area because it ensures needs are met. It should start from the time a guest is making a booking to the time he or she leaves. When guests call, listen to what they want without interrupting and answer their questions in detail. Make sure you inform them what is available in their rooms and ask if there is any additional feature they would like to make their stay comfortable. By doing so, you guarantee that your guests won't lack anything they need.

When guests arrive, make sure they are greeted by professional and trained staff and directed to their rooms. Give them an orientation of the major facilities they might require to use and provide guidelines on what to do if they require anything. They should feel cared for and welcome.


As your guests leave, have them inform you of improvements you need to make. Good accommodation services don't take feedback for granted, especially if it is something minimal. Small things do matter. Make arrangements to implement the improvements so that if the same guest comes back, he or she will notice the changes and appreciate that his or her remarks were heard.