Considerations When Booking A Holiday Rental Property

26 January 2023
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Holiday rental properties are ideal for tourists looking for budget-friendly and luxurious accommodation. However, how do you choose the perfect holiday rental property? Below are some pointers. 

Location And Accessibility 

Most people book their holiday rentals online. However appealing the accommodation could look, you must conduct your due diligence to establish its accessibility and location. Ideally, you should ask the host to send you a Google pin indicating the property's exact location. This way, you can quickly examine whether its location guarantees convenience, safety, and comfort. For instance, is the property close to essential amenities such as banks, malls, beaches, and local hotels? How safe is the area? You could check previous customer reviews or examine crime rates in the area from reputable websites. This way, you know whether you can walk at night without any fear of getting mugged. Is the property accessible? Ideally, it should have several access roads. When booking a property that is off the grid, such as a cabin, ask the host whether you need a 4WD to access the property.  

Available Amenities

An ideal holiday rental property should have the following amenities; 

  • Access to recreational facilities such as gyms, spas, and a swimming pool. Indoor recreational areas such as a terrace or large balcony.
  • A fully-stocked kitchen with appliances such as ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers. This way, you can easily make your meals.
  • Ample bedrooms to guarantee the privacy of every guest.
  • Entertainment facilities such as cable TV, Wi-Fi, and a bar.
  • If you intend to work when on your trip, consider rental properties with an office or business lounge to hold meetings with business associates.  

Accommodation Conditions 

If your preferred holiday property is accessible and has the required amenities, ask the host to send you a quote. The general rule is to examine rental properties that fit your eligibility criteria to ensure you comprehend the market rates. There are several ways to negotiate the host's quote. For instance, you could ask them to discount the total cost. Alternatively, they could offer free services such as a dedicated chef or housekeeping team. You could also ask the host to provide free accommodation for several days if you plan to make a long-term booking. 

Ask the host about the accommodation conditions. For instance, do you have access to the shared facilities 24/7? Are there any regulations regarding the use of AC and kitchen appliances? Can you hold a party at the holiday rental? Remember to ensure the accommodation facility has adequate insurance.  

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