Why a VIP Retreat Could Be Your Company's Unique Business Tool

12 December 2016
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Are you a small business owner with big-business aspirations? Or do you use tried and tested methods to market and run your organisation? Today, the status quo is not going to cut it. You really do need to look after your customers and give them such an experience that they would never consider looking at your competitors. But how can you set yourself apart in this way? The chances are that you have never considered a VIP retreat. What is involved here?

Who Benefits Most?

If you have a service-related business, then you are often involved in improving the life of your customers in one way or the other. You may be a consultant or coach. You might provide some business strategies, or otherwise provide services that are designed to make your customer's life better.

Setting You Apart

A VIP retreat could provide yet another level of service and set you apart from others in your niche. You can offer the solution to only the very best of your customers, or could roll this out across the board.

Many service providers feel as if they are "stuck" when it comes to concrete ways to improve their service offering. They may believe that they are already providing an excellent service, with good customer support. A VIP retreat will be a way of breaking free from this thought process, especially as it is a concept that is still rather unusual.

What's the Advantage?

When you set up a VIP retreat—either on a one-to-one basis, or in a group environment—you commit to even more focused help for your customers. You will often give them the opportunity to get your personalised and individualised help in a relaxed but inspiring location.


Typically, a retreat like this is held at a luxury boutique hotel, known for its outstanding facilities. You can rent a function room at this facility for a day or a weekend. You can include all the costs associated, the rooms and the gourmet dining as part of your package.


You may like to consider this option as a one-off, end-of-year "treat." You may alternatively consider this as a complementary package for your very best customers. Or, you could use it as a profit centre, whereby clients get the opportunity for specific, laser-targeted and personalised help, free of any distractions and in a great location.

Being Different

Success in business depends on setting your organisation apart from the rest and creating your own unique selling proposition. Think about staging your own VIP retreats as a way of making your mark in your industry.