Five Beneficial Facilities for an Ideal Powered Caravan Site

26 December 2016
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Traveling in a caravan will open up your life to new experiences without the high costs attached to touring around the country. Unfortunately, life on the road can be stressful, especially with regard to the lack of modern conveniences. Therefore, you should consider setting up your caravan, trailer or motor home in a powered caravan site.

This type of establishment will provide the crucial facilities and features, usually electrical power, water and even sullage. There are also additional amenities which are often included in some sites to enhance the guests' comfort. Here are some of these beneficial facilities that you should look for in an ideal powered caravan site.

Laundry Room

One of the most advantageous features in a powered campsite is a guest laundry room. This amenity will allow you to conduct thorough cleaning of your general laundry and heavier caravan fabrics without stress. In general, the laundry facility should have both washers and dryers for convenience. If you would like to air dry your items, inquire about the availability of clotheslines.

Children's Facilities

If you are travelling with your baby for a caravan holiday, you should make certain that the establishment is friendly for your needs. For example, there should be appropriate baths for the young one and change tables in convenient locations. It is also prudent to choose a site with a lively playground for your older children as well as gaming and recreation rooms.

Internet Hotspot

You should look for a campsite with internet connectivity to enhance your experience. This is not an essential feature, but it can make your life more entertaining and comfortable at the establishment. Often, the Wi-Fi connectivity will be free for all guests within the premises. However, there might be conditions imposed on the acceptable degree of usage, so you should ask about the limitations.

Camp Kitchen

A camp kitchen has more amenities than the features installed in caravans and motorhomes. Most powered campsites provide this facility, but you should note that the quality of the kitchen can vary widely. You should look for a site with kitchen with a reputation for cleanliness. Additionally, you should inquire about the available appliances for guest usage.

Swimming Pool

Finally, a swimming pool can make your holiday at the site extremely enjoyable, especially in hot weather. There are sites that have water parks which can be fun for both kids and adults. If you are travelling during the cold season and love water, inquire about the availability of indoor heated pools.